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Out With The Bull, In With the Jew

I find political meaning in everything, including the annual ritual of the changing of the Chicago Sports fan’s season, where we exchange bitter disappointment of basketball for the bogus hope for the boys of summer.  PolitiJim has changed from his Bull hat to Cubs, but perhaps this year it is prophetic for our political hopes … Continue reading

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Forget Obama: The World Is Coming to an End

Judicial anarchy, government insolvency and totalitarian takeover of the US government ain’t got nothing on this predictor of the collapse of civilization.  There is talk of the Chicago Cubs being housed in Chicago South Side’s US Cellular Field during Chicago White Sox away games. Apologies to my political-only readers, but this is a major universe-sized … Continue reading

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Chicago Sports Media Embarrass Us Again

And it doesn’t stop.  This from Dan Pompei (a normally insightful and thoughtful writer) on why Caleb Hanie is the root of all evil from the Trib on : The season of this quarterback-cursed franchise ended on Wednesday, Nov. 23, at 3 p.m..  That’s when Kyle Orton was awarded to the Chiefs, not the Bears, … Continue reading