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Out With The Bull, In With the Jew

I find political meaning in everything, including the annual ritual of the changing of the Chicago Sports fan’s season, where we exchange bitter disappointment of basketball for the bogus hope for the boys of summer.  PolitiJim has changed from his Bull hat to Cubs, but perhaps this year it is prophetic for our political hopes … Continue reading

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Tebow Terrorizes Secularists

This is a partial repost of PART of an article describing why the vitriolic hate is aimed at both Palin and Tebow from Canada Free Press.  The comments of Chris Collinsworth and JB Brown area amazing (below) and it gives me a chance to rant on something that’s been rattling around in me since Thursday … Continue reading

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Conservative Ex-Bear Argues FOR Going to White House

From the Chicago Sun-Times: Ex-Bears teammate lashes out at Dan Hampton for White House snub Some non-Bear fans may have missed that Obama has extended an invitation to honor the 1985 Chicago Bears at the White House, a courtesy not enjoyed by the famous Superbowl team due to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.  Defensive Tackle … Continue reading

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Hank Williams Jr To ESPN: Take This Job And Shove It

UPDATE: ESPN Drops Hank Williams Jr Permanently; Singer Says It Was His Call“According to Williams Jr’s blog, it was his choice, not the network’s, to part ways “After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision,” he wrote in a post dated today. “By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the … Continue reading