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Chicago Sports Media Embarrass Us Again

And it doesn’t stop.  This from Dan Pompei (a normally insightful and thoughtful writer) on why Caleb Hanie is the root of all evil from the Trib on : The season of this quarterback-cursed franchise ended on Wednesday, Nov. 23, at 3 p.m..  That’s when Kyle Orton was awarded to the Chiefs, not the Bears, … Continue reading

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Once Again Chicago Sports Media Fails

David Haugh and Brad Briggs of the Chicago Tribune wrote this on September 23rd of this year about the Bears negotiations with Center Olin Kruetz: Over a difference of $500,000, the Bears seem willing to risk the stability of their offensive line and the direction of the 2011 season. Today, the New Orleans paper reports … Continue reading

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Jay Cutler Tells Martz F*** Him?

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF POSTOur continuing FAN FREE AGENCY™ continues, but since our new team, the Tebow topping Denver Bronco’s were on bye, we temporarily revisited the Bear lair.  Was I impressed with Cutler? He did well.  Except for the fact that he threw behind his recievers on 4 key plays, couldn’t … Continue reading

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Conservative Ex-Bear Argues FOR Going to White House

From the Chicago Sun-Times: Ex-Bears teammate lashes out at Dan Hampton for White House snub Some non-Bear fans may have missed that Obama has extended an invitation to honor the 1985 Chicago Bears at the White House, a courtesy not enjoyed by the famous Superbowl team due to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.  Defensive Tackle … Continue reading