Stupid Sportswriters Who Sissify Baseball

As happens across a lot of sports media, a somewhat talented writer had to throw his personal liberal politics into what should have been a pretty entertaining summary of the days best events in the MLB.  I’ve actually become addicted to Beyond the Boxscore’s daily recount of the biggest play, best pitching start and longest home run (subscribe here) but a guy named Henry Druschel couldn’t resist parading his far left plumage to make this idiotic comment in an attempt to ridicule others (including an entire fanbase) attempting as if he is morally superior to everyone else.  He wrote:

  • The pink Mothers’ Day uniforms that spread across the league this weekend are kinda dweeby, but if they are a step away from Cleveland’s racist mascot Chief Wahoo, they’re welcome in my book. As Matt Lyons details over at Let’s Go Tribe, Cleveland’s pink uniforms will feature the block C logo instead, after a few instances in the past of colorization of the Wahoo logo went very poorly.

What’s funny is on Cubs Twitter, St. Louis fans were disparaged for ridiculing their teams jersey on a day that’s supposed to be focused on a serious woman’s issue.  Apparently Druschel didn’t get pass his gender sensitivity training and instead demeaned the league-wide effort as “dweeby” in it’s result.  God forbid we replace the selfless focus on the serious issue of breast cancer for a fashion editorial.

I’ve gotten better over the years at just rolling my eyes and moving on, but I just discussed how this idiotic liberal infestation in sports media has literally cost journalists jobs at many places including ESPN.  You marginalize half of your audience and guess what – you lose subscriptions and/or advertising revenue.   And let’s face it, I don’t want poor Henry to lose his job.  I want to make American employment great again.

ESPN viewership

So my response on the comment on their post was this:

This is getting ridiculous.  You’re a writer for godsake.  You use the term “racist” as if Cleveland disparages the Native American population.  Note to the uneducated and uninformed: they didn’t.  They used it as a symbol of adoration and human idealism.  Sure, if you want use the definition of “A person who believes a particular race is superior to others” then you have to ask the question, “why do you hate Native Americans so much that you don’t want them to be upheld as symbol of how we want to perform?”  Do you also disparage African or Chinese Americans who glory in the virtues of their race?  (Hint: races actually exist. Bonus hint: races have physical characteristics that set it apart from other races.).  In EVERY poll of Native Americans taken, whether it was the Redskins, the Indians or the Blackhawks, Native Americans overwhelmingly either approve of the name/logo or don’t give a damn.   Perhaps you could save your ire for Yankees who chose the name directly from a song that exalted the virtue of American Imperialism and exceptionalism or the (gasp) that Baltimore (and former NY) team that took it’s mascot from the superiority of the male of the species over that of the female?    In the words of Jon Lester and (paraphrased) Clint Eastwood – stop with the sissification of the culture and stick to baseball.  You’re actually not too bad at that.

(I misspelled ‘Imperialism’ in my original comment on their site.  Most liberals can’t stand opposing views so I wouldn’t be shocked if they deleted it, but I do have to learn to proof my comments when done from my ridiculously hard tablet keyboard.)

This comes on a day when a few Cubs are also fed up with the mollycoddling of the sport.

John Lester made a comment following yesterday’s Cubs/Cards game on the stupid slide rule supposedly implemented to protect injury to position players trying to turn DP’s at second base:

2017-05-14 09_38_20-Patrick Mooney on Twitter_ _Jon Lester_ _We_re out there playing with a bunch of

What I found shocking this moring is that nearly all media has cut out the “pansies” comment from their coverage.  Patrick Mooney originally tweeted it and CBS Sports carried the tweet, but Sporting News, ESPN, and all Chicago media as far as I looked edited it out.   It’s pretty clear the Politically Correct mafia  has made journalist’s “pansies” afraid of merely reporting what a player said.  I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a deluge this morning against Jon of the “anti-gay” comment, and I thank God for that.

Lester wasn’t done by the way.  He continued:

“That’s baseball, man,” Lester said. “We’re replaying if it was too far and all this other BS. We’re all men out there. We’re grown men. These guys have turned double plays their entire lives. They know how to get the hell out of the way. There was nothing malicious about it and we got two outs for some reason.

“That’s the way baseball should be played. If it’s a dirty slide, if it’s a late slide, if a guy barrel rolls a guy, now that’s a different discussion.

“Baseball’s been played for 100 years the exact same way and now we’re trying to change everything and make it soft.”

Joe Maddon made a similar comment suggesting that baseball’s approach to the game is misguided:

“I have no idea why these rules are a part of our game,” Maddon said. “That had a tremendous impact on today’s game where outs are awarded based on a fabricated rule. It is created under the umbrella of safety. …There was nothing egregiously dangerous on the part of our runner. Don’t give me hyperbole and office-created rules, because I’m not into those things.

“There’s a tremendous disconnect there. And…in general I think we have a tendency to micromanage stuff that we have no business attempting to do.”

“So don’t give me all this protectionism injury stuff, because I’m not buying into it,” Maddon said. “It’s tough for the umpires to have them enforce rules (when) they know it’s not part of the game. They know that the game was not intended to be manipulated, in a sense, where you lose based on a fabrication where we could have scored a run there and made the game entirely different.

“But we’re out where there’s no play at first base whatsoever. None. So don’t tell me that’s protectionism. Don’t tell me a middle infielder was protected. And don’t tell me a middle infielder was in danger right there. None of that holds up.

“So I would like to see that rule ejected. I would like to see the rule at the plate ejected. They have no place in our game, because it’s under false pretenses.

Baseball has fallen prey to management by PR.  If the media yells loudly enough, let’s make a rule to implement it.  After all, merely declaring a rule to solve inner intent is always the best way to solve a problem, right?  It’s done so well for the anti-gun legislation in Chicago.

Another well known Cubs blogger went down a similar path last week. Talking about how important it was to protect players at all costs.   Note to world: Life is risky and dangerous.  You CAN’T protect yourself from all hazards.  When you decide to make your living at WHATEVER you do – you accept the risks.   Become an accountant instead of a high wire artist if it is worrisome to you but quit asking the rest of society to protect you so you can do what you want.

Children are different of course.  I think it’s great that we implement rules and gear requirements so that they can enjoy what – for most of them – will be the only time in their life they will be able to truly enjoy sports.

But as long as they have internet access, we unfortunately just can’t create a “rule” for sports media to use critical thinking in their coverage.

But here’s a free revelation for those brainwashed by the six major corporations who control almost 90% of what you read, see and hear:  There are only two genders among homosapiens and they have DIFFERENT characteristics.  Contrary to popular belief they aren’t interchangeable physically, emotionally or cognitively.   It’s science.

Yes there are some physically and emotionally tough women.  I’d argue women in general are emotionally tougher even without the daunting prospect of passing a watermelon every time they create a life.  But that very notion disparges the idea that men – and masculinity – is a great charcter virtue to be admired to accomplish things. For 5,000 years it was predominently men who risked their lives to stop the abuses of men like Hitler and Hirohito.

That doesn’t mean women are “less then” men, no more than it does the reverse.  No differences in IQ potential have been found between them although it is curious why there as never been a female world champion of chess.  I suspect there might be one day as the mathematical probabilities play out. (Less girls are taught chess therefore the pool of potential grandmasters is smaller for an exceptionally gifted one to make it – but it is a reality that chess simply doesn’t appeal to as many females as males.)  Had these murdous dictators had more love and nurturing from their mothers, who knows if we would have had to deal with their abuses.

But no matter how much you want to believe your little girl will become the offensive noseguard for the Pittsburgh Steelers I want to give you a little tough love.  It will never happen.   And for the mother who desperately wants her son to be caring and sensitive to others, I have another bombshell: He will never give birth to a child and become you.

I don’t care what you believe but there are very valid, real-world purposes for masculinity and femininity.  Not just physically but for cognitive development and cultural prosperity.  It is a fact that after marriage, men exhibit less risky behavior and live longer and are more productive.  It is a fact that girls raised only by mothers have an exceedingly high rate of out of wedlock births and become severely economically disadvantaged throughout life, regardless of IQ.   In fact,  scholars from the Universities of Texas, Virginia, Minnesota, Chicago, Maryland, Washington, UC Berkeley, and others recently reported that children who live with a male/female parent:

  • Live longer, healthier lives both physically and mentally.
  • Do better in school.
  • Are more likely to graduate and attend college.
  • Are less likely to live in poverty.
  • Are less likely to be in trouble with the law.
  • Are less likely to drink or do drugs.
  • Are less likely to be violent or sexually active.
  • Are less likely to be victims of sexual or physical violence.
  • Are more likely to have successful marriage when they are older.

The media’s attempt to disparage men from competitiveness and risk taking is absolutely as egregious as telling women to be less caring, nurturing or relationship oriented.

And calling a stupid mascot “racist” sure isn’t exhibiting any “feminine” traits.   Wait, maybe i have to rethink this.  Is Henry’s illigitimate attack on an eliminating an entire race a good masculine trait?  No wonder guys like him have us thoroughly confused.

Sports media that has appointed itself as the cultural arbiters of our day who want to fascistly demand their own world’s view as being acceptable under the guise of “protecting” a gender, race or identity group to whom they don’t even belong – is not just hurting society, but hurting the children who will become our future society.

If you want a media example of what values are really important, go take 2 viewings of Grand Torino and call me in the morning.

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