Hard Facts Why Trubisky is Much Better QB Than Watson

UPDATE: Well, Mitch is now Mitch “TrueBEARsky” and Deshaun Watson is being heralded as Rookie of the Year.  This article was first posted in late April 2017 and it’s interesting to note that 2 AFC Scouts also felt Trubisky had a much better chance at becoming a stable, long term franchise player than Watson…..or Newton, or Wentz.  Seriously.
Two AFC scouts revealed that they had the highest grade on Trubisky that they’d had on any quarterback over the past six years. That means: higher than Jameis Winston; higher than Marcus Mariota; higher than Cam Newton; higher than Russell Wilson; higher than Andrew Luck; higher than Derek Carr; higher than Carson Wentz.
Read that full article here before discovering how insightful I was this past April.  🙂

John Mullin had a great piece on “rethinking” about Mitch Trubisky the day after most Bear’s fans lost their ever-lovin’, media manipulated minds.  I have 7 reasons below you’ll want to read (or argue) with me, but here is one excerpt from the CSN article:

…So much for expert analysis. Maybe the 2017 quarterback draft class wasn’t as bad as its advance reviews. Three quarterbacks went in the Top 12 picks, and all three teams selecting them (Bears, Kansas City, Houston) traded, not down, but up to grab their guys (Trubisky, Pat Mahomes, DeShaun Watson).

Meaning: Pace didn’t panic in making the jump; he’d gotten calls from those teams looking to deal up for a quarterback, so he didn’t get bamboozled by 49ers GM John Lynch. When Pace didn’t want to deal with the Browns, Chiefs or Texans, he rightly figured he wasn’t their last call, in fact probably was their first.

And the coaches involved the Chiefs’ and Texans’ know something about good quarterbacks. Andy Reid mentored Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb. Bill O’Brien followed Josh McDaniels as Tom Brady’s quarterbacks coach in New England, then was offensive coordinator before leaving to rebuild the Penn State program.

As a footnote, for as voluminous as the positives were on Watson (including those of this reporter), Reid thought Mahomes was better.

He goes on to talk about comparative values of trading in previous years, and how inconsistent the middle round picks can be.   But it spurred me to lay out what I had been gleaning since the whole “Kizer/Watson/Trubisky” argument began at the beginning of the year.
Trubisky is the ONLY smart 1st Rd QB choice. Here’s why:

1. Sports Science rated Watson and Trubisky (essentially) tied in raw skill score.  They are only 0.1 points apart.

2. Opposing players who played against both QB’s last years generally gave the edge to Mitch citing his ability to invent plays at the line and throw crazy passes under extreme pressure.  There are multiple articles you can find but Florida State cornerback Marquez White is quoted in this one, hands down more threatened by MT.
3. No, Watson’s interception rate isn’t bad by any means – but Trubisky’s is outstanding.  In the 6th most powerful offense in CFB last year, he lead all QB’s in accuracy and efficiency.
4. Both are high character guys but clearly Trubisky is more of a Manning type film and video geek who (as the article cites) very quickly learns.  Edge:MT
5. Again, the Bears aren’t the only team that felt Watson wasn’t the best QB.  In 5 chances of teams that need a QB – NONE took Watson – not even the Jets.
6. VEGAS had Trubisky going first even after Watson lead Clemson to the NCAA title.
7. Trubisky’s prolific numbers came not only without Watson’s targets including 1st Rd NFL pick Mike Williams, (likely) 3rd Rd NFL pick Jordan Leggett, Deon Cain, and Hunter Renfroe  (Currently rated 4th best and 12 best receivers in 2019 Draft Class) – Trubisky’s #1 receiver went down with an injury mid year.  Not only is this ideal for the terrible receiving core he is to face, imagine how much better he will be with some real talent.
Funny how fans on Twitter went balistic over the 2nd Round Tight End pick from a Division II school, without ever researching a single stat on him.  Mel Kiper consider him within the Top 3 tight end prospects in this year’s draft.   C’mon Bears fans.  Quit being so knee jerk in your response completely manipulated by the agents ad agencies and the terrible sports media brainwashing.  Remember – Briggs, Haugh – nearly every major media voice was thrilled when Cutler got extend with the largest QB contract in the NFL despite having about the 12th highest rated stats.

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