It’s Ridiculous to be Happy at Cutler’s Victory

The euphoria over Jay Cutler’s performance last night (20-31, 252 YDS, 1 TD) shows Chicago fans are not much different from the homeless street urchins who praise the restaurant owner for allowing them to eat from ally dumpster.

Too strong?

As Stephen A. Smith points out, this is a depleted Viking team.  Moreover, these MINIMAL performance numbers for an NFL quarterback.  This morning too many Chicagoans are acting like we suddenly have Tom Brady on the team.  All this performance did was prop up the ridiculous idea that now – after 7 years – Cutler will finally become a pro-bowl caliber QB.  It ain’t happening.  And it’s depriving us of a decent draft selection that actually could turns things around.


This team is not going anywhere.  In 2011 I predicted that Jay Cutler would successfully prevent the Bears from ever becoming a serious playoff team.  A few more have (finally) rallied to the side of objective truth but the fundamentals haven’t changed.

  • Jay Cutler is not leader (as multiple former teammates have now testified).
  • Jay Cutler is a mediocre QB to whom the Bears are paying that deprives us other talent.
  • Jay Cutler will continuing to have 2 bad games for every good one.
  • The Bears have no future of building a TRUE contender with Jay Cutler.

Atlanta took 5+ years to finally build a decent team around Matt Ryan. North Carolina took 5+ years to do so with Cam Newton.  Dallas’s Dak Prescott was fortunate to join a team already built around Romo but proves the QB makes all the difference in the world.

Why are the Patriots perennially a playoff threat?  The QB and the system.  Why was Denver and Indianopolis?  The QB.

Every win by the Bears puts us father down the list of prospective franchise quaterbacks to finally build a franchise around.  A win last night was a loss unless it increases Jay’s value enough to get a 1st round draft pick in a trade somewhere.

Call me when Cutler’s gone.  That I can celebrate.

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