How to Watch the World Series Without Losing Your Mind

Our loving Cubbies are making me a basket case. And a philosopher.

Even through the 8th inning down 1-0, in the ONLY World Series game played at Wrigley in my lifetime, I was convinced they would find a way. They always seem to. The ‘magic’ we saw against San Francisco and LA surely couldn’t hold back from the power of Cubbie faithful prayers and positive thinking on such a historic and important event, right?

I mean in a game played 71 years after the last World Series how is it possible that things like this aren’t considered prophetic?


The last two players having the same birthday EXACTLY 71 years apart?  God has to be saying something here right?

But as the reality sunk in that the Cubs could blow this auspicious opportunity, I realized I should be grateful that my Cubs were actually IN a World Series playing at home in Wrigley Field.  This is good – win or lose.

It’s not like we lose 3 key free agents at the end of the season which puts in doubt our competitiveness to make it back it back.  In fact, there may not be another team in all the MLB which is set up to compete for the next 5 years like ours.

And it’s not like it’s a foregone conclusion it’s all over having already come back from a 2-1 deficit just a week ago.  It will seem like an enormous let down if somehow the Indians steal the series.  But in the grander perspective – it’s not like daddy decided to renege on the promised trip to Disneyland.  At worst it’s a postponement until next vacation.

As I watch game 4 today, I’m going to enjoy this – win or lose. Rizzo and Russell didn’t despair when they forgot to wear their “Try Not to Suck” t-shirts for the first 1.5 series in the playoffs.  We should do the same.

Not only is it a long way from being over in this series, it’s a long way from not having at least 5 or 6 more decent cracks at it should we come up short.

On the bright side, it also gives a reason for Fowler to want to re-sign and for more free agents to take discounts to be a part of history.  The legend will only grows larger and the final victory will be all the more sweeter.

So don’t blow an artery today (or tomorrow) hanging on every wild pitch of Chapman or ground out of Heyward.

I’d take a being severely disappointed at failing on the national stage, than watch the Cardinals playing in this game while we ignored Bears news and begun misplacing our hopes in the new Bulls.

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