Bulls Losing Rose Trade is BS

Once again, sports media (CHI and National) are pushing the notion that the Bulls lost the Derrick Rose for Jose Calderon, Nick Lopez and Jerian Grant trade.

It’s typical Chicago Bull Sh*t.

After the 3rd consecutive year we were told Derrick Rose would “finally” be 100% following his MVP year, we endured a 2015-2016 season where he only played 2097 minutes in 66 games, and was -0.7 WORSE than a D-League call up.  (aka VORP)

And as you will see below that’s WORSE than seldom used rookie Jerian Grant ALONE who registered -0.5 in his rookie year.

I don’t always agree with Gar Forman, but getting ANYTHING for DRose before another high risk, $20M+ final year (after which you wouldn’t receive anything in return) may not be genius, but it’s unquestionably practical.

We were told last year that there were no excuses for a Rose near-MVP performance so much so that Rose was already counting his free agent money even if it took him from Chicago.  Many of us read it as, “thanks for paying for my multi-million rehab  Chicago.  But if you don’t cough it up, you won’t get paid for standing by me all this time.”

And even then, it was fair to question the effectiveness of a lifelong poor jump shooter who only could rely on an aging physicality.  As we learned from Tiger Woods, the body simply can’t continue to perform at that level with aging.  And superhuman athletic contortion is the ONLY tool Rose really has. (See Sports Science Video below).

The reality is whether you compare Rose to any single New York Knick in the trade, their average or their aggregate, the Bulls came out smelling much better than a thorny 27 year old wilted rose.

Rose NYKnicks Trade

How bad is it when a 34 year old guard not only was as reliable in being able to play games, but out performed your vaunted “MVP” by 1.7 times the value of an average replacement player?  In fact, the REAL first rookie we received, (who Derek Fisher inexplicable sat on the bench Tom Thibodeau style), was worth TWICE Rose in Win Shares and far more offensively productive.   Which of course was why Head Coach Hoiberg was hired.

Any attempt to frame this as a Bulls loss is completely vested in unicorn futures placed in 2010 to early 2012.  The aggregate improvement in Win Shares the former Knickerbockers bring to the new Bulls is +10.3 games.  On average they are over 3 games EACH better than DRose.

Even if Rose miraculously morphed into 75% of his former glory, in the new era of the Golden State offense, built around an increased production from the 3 point line, I don’t see how Rose could ever fit.  Even though the shackled stats of Jerian look about as bad as McDermott’s first year under Thibs, we know he has a history at Notre Dame of being a prolific offensive presence. In fact, when Kurt Rambis took over for the fired Fisher, Grant looked much different as written by CSN:

Those final six games certainly helped convince the Bulls that Grant – who the Bulls were considering drafting at No. 22 in last year’s draft – has the ability to come in and be a rotation player for the Bulls. Grant made 34.5 percent of his 3-pointers in four years with Notre Dame, and though he struggled from deep with the Knicks (22 percent on 1.3 attempts per game) he’s someone who’s able to play off the ball when the offense runs through Jimmy Butler.

Calderon is a career .412 from downtown.  And the fact that the Bulls have now gotten multiple stop-gaps to fill the loss of Noah and Rose may not be DreamTeam-like, but it certainly sets up a chance for one more big acquisition.

Gar Forman said as much when he emphasized that this trade was “the beginning” of reshaping the Bulls.  I suspect the Bulls are making a very strong play for Durant or maybe even to bring back Pau (not my preference).

Regardless – to hear idiotic talking heads say that without Rose, this trade doesn’t make the Bulls playoff contenders is just pure ignorance.   They certainly weren’t WITH Rose.

2016-06-23 12_09_41-sports science derrick rose - Google Search

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